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Workshop in free improvised music

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[notes on the video playlist - The videos in the playlist give a feel for the music and the discussion topics that may arise during this session. The musicians of the day will be different[

A WORKSHOP IN FREE IMPROVISED MUSIC, This is a unique opportunity

Centrifuge is pleased to be a participant in a festival of improvised music at the Creative Campus. Centrifuge is offering workshops and discussion of free improvised music open to anyone interested in furthering their understanding of music in this area.

The aim of the workshop is to:

  • To produce and experience free improvised music
  • To develop a literacy that enables verbal articulation and sharing of ideas
  • To develop a deeper understanding of one’s own and others’ perceptions and values
  • To develop musical practice through a combination of playing and discussion.

Free improvisation is music that

  • Happens in the moment, creating its own form as it unfolds
  • Aspires to freedom from rules
  • Encourages individual creativity and social interaction.

A written account of the genre can be found at Wikipedia: free improvisation
Acoustic examples of people playing free improvised music can be found at: refer to video presentation above.

The ideas explored (verbally and musically) might include:

Group dynamics; Attentive listening; Timbre and timbral matching; The sense of time and place; Musical spatial awareness; Texture and musical hierarchy; Aesthetic values; The shared ambition to take music to undiscovered places.

The planned format is:

  • Participants will listen to short examples of free improvised music performed by a small ensemble;
  • Performers will share their experiences and thoughts about the music they have just performed;
  • Listeners and performers will discuss the music presented sharing the different perspectives the performance creates.

The musicians who will perform in the session form a rich list of experienced artists active in the British improvised and creative music sector.

Time, date and location

Wednesday, 21st March, 2.00pm - 4.30pm
Liverpool Hope University Creative Campus, 17 Shaw Street, Liverpool L6 1HP

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