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Upload your event - no need to register



Upload you event to the site - without the need to register


No coding knowledge required.

Simply complete the form, and your event will be uploaded to the network site within 1-5 days.

If you have created `Facebook events` you should find that this is a very simple process.

Options to consider

  • Add a form, very useful for events that may require registration, to collect contact addresses for your project, or simply put: people can let you know they are attending
  • Listings option: tick the box and the event is added to the listings calendar
  • Newsletter options: tick the box for the event to be added to the newsletter relevant to the `category` of your event

Other considerations

  • You should receive acknowledgments of the submission of your event via the form within 1-3 days: it should be live within 1-5 days
  • Be aware the project is managed and operated by volunteers.

This is the first draft - updates, and improvements to this page to follow shortly, comments and feedback welcome.

Add your event to the website, complete the form below.
Genre, free improvisation in music

Name of the event as it may appear on the site*
Upload a the event copy as a file: formats, txt, rtf, doc. docx*
Upload a image, landscape prefered: jpg, jpeg, png only. Preferred image size 600x400 @ 72 dpi*
If known the URL - location of the image if available on the internet. This link is then inserted in the document. This is optional.
catagory options, select uncategorised if not known:
Category option if known but not on the list
Event start time:
Facebook event page link?:
Host webpage URL ?
Add a form option: useful for event registrations and collecting contact details. More details available on request*
Include this event in the relevant newsletters for the catagory:*
Add the event to the relevant listings calendar:*
Comments, suggestions and feedback:
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