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Monday, 22 January 2018 10:13

Liverpool Quartet play 50:50

Liverpool quartet play system 50:50

The Liverpool quartet is a research and development group for the music system 50:50

Wednesday, 28 June 2017 15:30

MIO play 50:50 July 1st

Merseyside Improvisers Orchestra play 50:50

The Friends Meeting House
School Lane

Saturday July 1st 8.00 pm
£5.00 and £3.00


Tuesday, 30 May 2017 10:43

MIO play 50:50

Merseyside Improvisers Orchestra play 50:50

The Friends Meeting House
School Lane

Saturday July 1st 8.00 pm
£5.00 and £3.00


Tuesday, 08 November 2016 14:07

Ensemble 50:50 - Grew Quartet -

Ensemble 50:50 - Grew Quartet -
Monday 5th December  2016
7.30 pm £7.50 & £5.00


Grew Quartet

Grew Quartet is the extension of the long running Grew Trio, crucially adding a bassist in the person of the superb Seth Bennett. The brilliant clarinet player Matt Robinson completes the current lineup. Stephen Grew on piano and Phillip Marks on drums have been the constants since the group's formation in 1995.

Matt Robinson, Clarinet
Seth Bennet, Double Bass
Phil Marks, Percussion
Stephen Grew, Piano




Free improvisation explored in a large ensemble format by members of the Centrifuge network, an extended network of musicians active in the free improvisation genre in the north of England.

CAMILLA CANCANTATA trombone, voice.
DAVE TOMPKINS double bass
DEREK SAW trumpet
MARK HANSLIP aaxophone, To be confirmed.
NATHAN BETHANY oboe and cor anglais
PHIL MORTON accidents & treatments

The Venue
The Kings Arms
11 Bloom Street
Salford M3 6AN

Thursday 13th April
Noise Upstairs

The Octet will follow Phil Morton’s score 50:50 that is  - 50 % freeplay & 50% tacet, silence during the performance of a thirty minute piece.The music, the musicians are driven by free improvisation in music, whilst they are constrained by the score can the musicians brings a coherence, grace and power to a music that is not composed.

The Blank Canvas Octet & Orchestra - Liverpool

The Liverpool based promoter of "free improvisation in music" Blank Canvas,

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Friday, 09 March 2018 09:20

System 5050 the mechanical chess clock

A demonstration of a modified `chess clock` used in system 5050

More notes to follow

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Published in System 5050 Media
Saturday, 05 May 2018 17:14

Changing the setting of the clock

Changing the time settings for the `chess clocks` a demonstration

Published in System 5050 Media

It gives me permission to do nothing

A statement made by Jon Aveyard in Preston 2017 at UCLan during the Jigsaw open day - all day session

For the moment I will leave it there, if you are registered with the site you can comment (see below) likewise there is a topic in the discussion board/forum on this statement

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Phil Morotn October 2018


Published in System 5050 Media

A video playlist on the topic of different settings, ratios used in System 50:50.

  • The basic offer in System 50:50 for a piece that lalsts 20 minutes is 10 minutes tacet, 10 minutes freeplay.
  • This could also be described as a ratio of 1:1
  • We can if we wish to, change the clock settings or the clock ratios, so in this example of a 20 minute piece the settings could be 12 minutes tactet and 8 minutes freeplay
  • We can then play two pieces, with the settings reversed
    • Piece 1 - 12 minutes tacet : 8 minutes freeplay = The total duration of the piece is 20 minutes
    • Piece 2 - 8 minutes tacet : 12 minutes freeplay = The total duration of the piece is 20 minutes
  • When we play the two pieces together, we may:
    • hear the different ratios or relationships of freeplay to obligated silence
    • feel the  different ratios or relationships of freeplay to obligated silence
  • to be continued

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Published in System 5050 Media
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