Mhenwhar Huws October Concert

Mhenwhar Huws 600

Mhenwhar Huws are an improvising/spontaneous composition string and percussion quartet

who perform both amplified and acoustically, playing with elements of ambient drone, noise, spontaneous melody, harmony and dissonance with their traditional instruments blended with electronics and fx.

Recently bringing collaborative elements into our practise; from working with other musicians, video artists, dancers, sound artists and poets.

We constantly look for new sounds and ways to express ourselves as a group and our political belief that improvisation, collective working, creativity, experimentation, fun and non-judgmental, non-exclusive, shared communal experiences are fundamental.

We love the freedom, excitement and adventure of free composition and have laboured to develop a very attuned way of working together, with others and with our audiences. incorporating elements of ambient drone, noise, spontaneous melody, harmony and dissonance there is always a musical discussion and a practice veering from the more traditional sounds expected of our instruments and our questing to discover other sonic expressions via extended acoustic techniques or electronics - the fun and discovery never stops!

Alistair Quietsch - double bass and electronics
John Magill - viola and electronics
Michael Truswell - drums and percussion
Rafe Fitzpatrick - violin and electronics

Support act: The Blank Canvas octet, details to follow

The Ship & Mitre, Dale Street Liverpool
Sunday 28th October 2018, 8.00 pm - £5.00


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