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  • #657: 2018.10.14
    julie rousse, nag mapu (esperando la lluvia suite), framework editions 2018 this is the second of 3 regular editions featuring our new framework:seasonal release, issue #10, autumn 2018. this week we take a listen to julie rousse‘s contribution, nag mapu (esperando la lluvia suite). julie has this to say about he work: Nag Mapu is […]
  • #656: 2018.10.07 [david clarke]
    this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the uk by david clarke, aka iamthehow. for more information see producer’s notes: A soundscape from the original programme Assessing the High-Risk Perioperative Patient. Elements of sounds, some familiar and others disconcerting, are blended with snippets of conversation to create that state of consciousnesses where we […]
  • #655: 2018.10.02
    manja ristič, crni otok / the black isle, framework editions 2018 with this edition we begin our exploration of our latest edition of framework:seasonal issue #10: winter 2018. this is the second issue of our new format, featuring longer works from fewer artists, and this time around we’ve given around 20 minutes each to manja ristič, […]
  • #654: 2018.09.23 [thomas park]
    first an announcement: the latest issue of our framework:seasonal series of fund-raising compilations, #10, autumn 2018, has now been released! we continue our new format of fewer, longer works on each release with 3 new exclusive and fantastic pieces my 3 artists new to the series: manja ristič, julie rousse and alan courtis (whose name […]
  • #653: 2018.09.16 [dmitry vasilyev]
    photo by dmitry vasilyev our first show back after our annual summer break is a sad return to the airwaves, as while we were away we learned of the passing of our friend and colleague, dmitry vasilyev. dmitry was an organiser, podcaster, music and mushroom enthusiast, expert, curator of the monochrome vision record label, and […]